About us

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending enables individuals to obtain loans directly from other individuals, cutting out the financial institution as the middleman. Peer-to-peer economics has revolutionized the way people do business, and the financial sector has seen significant improvements in the use of P2P applications. One of the most widely used applications is microcredit or microcredit. Microloans are small loans issued by individuals instead of banks or credit unions. These loans can be issued by an individual or grouped among several individuals, each contributing a portion of the total amount.

Based on this, LendWell Company was established in 2023. The aim of the founders of this company is to gain trust and provide security and ease in providing service to their customers.

How to grow your small business with us?

Debt consolidation loans

These loans let borrowing a lump sum of money to pay off all of the person’s debts so that he just has to worry about one low-interest monthly payment.

Business loans

Business P2P loans can help start or grow a business with low-interest financing (which can be hard to find with other loans, especially startups).

Unsecured personal loans

Unsecured P2P loans rely heavily on credit scores for approval, and there is no need to put up an asset to qualify.

Secured personal loans

Secured loans require putting up an asset such as a car or home to secure the loan, and in return, they usually come with lower rates.

To be eligible for a peer-to-peer loan in Canada, you must meet the following requirements

18 years of age

Have at least 18 years of age of majority in your province or territory

Canadian citizen

Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with a valid Canadian address and two valid identification documents.

related financial documents

Have a payslip, bank statement, and other related financial documents, or proof that you can repay your loan.

minimum credit score

Have a minimum credit score of 550


Submit a request: Submit your loan application, including personal information such as name, address, and financial history.


Agree to check validity: Allow the P2P lending platform to grab your credit card to ensure you have the minimum credit score needed to borrow.


Provide the necessary documents: Provide proof that you have enough income to pay off your P2P loan in addition to your other debts.


Agree on your interest rate: Accept the interest rate that is being offered to you, given that the P2P platform considers you a risky borrower.


Choose an offer: Start receiving offers from Canadian investors in your inbox and accept offers that make more sense to you.

Company vision

Our company tries to build up powerful communication channels for the local and national clients. This includes smart marketing such as social media, public relations (P.R), and a wide range of innovative mediums such as Telegram community groups and YouTube.

The plan guides the company and its individuals in acquiring financial, physical, and human resources to achieve its planned goals in marketing and sales. Our plans for this purpose are:

  • Engage the services of marketing executives and business developers to carry out direct marketing
  • App Store Optimization & SEO
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • App-Install Campaigns (CPI ads)
  • Paid Social Media Ads
  • Attend local and national trading fairs and seminars.
  • Sending an e-blast to our potential subscriber list for launch day
  • Join the chambers of commerce and industry around the company with the primary goal of networking and marketing its services.

Due to the growing demand for this type of service among people in Canada and several provinces, it is expected that the company will play an essential role in meeting local and national needs for these kinds of services in the next five years.